Water Rates and Fees

Schedule of Fees and Charges
Last Update 12/5/19
Water Rate
$30 flat charge for the first 0-50 cu ft.
$9.20/cu ft. for water usage greater than 50 cu ft.
Hopedale Capital Impact Fee
Local Capital Impact Fee
Late Fee
Admin Fee
14% calculated daily
in accordance with MGL Ch 59 §57C
Manual Reading Fee/Estimated Reading Fee
Returned Check
$25 (per MGL Ch 60 §59A)
Shut-off/Turn-On Fees
Final Reading for Property Transfers
$25, $50 if less than 7 days’ notice
Certified Water Operator – Call Out Rate
7am-3:30pm M-F - $87.50/hr
After Hours - $117.50/hr
will be billed at cost, prices reflect current contracted rates.
Water Testing
Cost + 20%
Installation and/or testing of backflow devices
Cost + 20%
Fire Connection Fees (Quarterly Charge)
$100/quarter for connections under 6"
$150/quarter for 6" and larger connections
Charge for Unauthorized Use of Water
$500 + cost of water used at highest billing rate
Violations of Water Use Restrictions
First Offence - $50
Second Offence - $100
Third and subsequent offenses - $200
Meter Calibration and Testing
$105 for 1” or less  ($0 if meter is found to be defective)
Cost + 20% for meters greater than 1”
New Connection Fees:
Existing Connection – Reactivation
$100/year since date of last payment to Department
Min Fee = $100
Maximum Fee:
Residential = $1,000
Commercial = $1 × Approved Title V Flow Rate
New Service – Residential
Cost to install service + Cost of new meter
Minimum Fee = $1,000
New Service – Commercial
Cost to install service + Cost of new meter
Minimum Fee = $1 × Approved Title V Flow Rate