Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing Coordinator (AHC) provides support services for affordable housing programs, projects and activities. The AHC is assigned administrative duties through the Community Preservation Committee, and is a resource for:

  • Mendon residents, property owners, landlords, and tenants,
  • Mendon town boards and committees, and
  • Anyone looking to buy, sell, rent, lease or build affordable housing in Mendon.


The coordinator works closely with the following town government groups:

  • Board of Selectmen,
  • Planning Board and Master Planning Committee*,
  • Community Preservation* and  Land Use Committees*,
  • Council on Aging, Historical Commission,
  • Mendon Housing Authority,
  • Zoning Board of Appeals

     (* participates in regular meetings)

The AHC attends seminars, meetings and conferences to network with town planners, housing coordinators, and housing agencies around the region and state to learn about ongoing and proposed housing initiatives, and to investigate sources of funding to supplement existing resources.  The AHC also monitors compliance with Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) reporting requirements.

The Affordable Housing Coordinator works with all constituents groups to develop a proactive strategy to meet Mendon’s current and future housing needs, find the best use of land and existing structures, and prepare for future development.  We seek to preserve those housing characteristics most valued by residents and protect the town against the negative effects of unwanted or undesirable development.


Contact: Bill McHenry

ph: 508-970-4932

[email protected]


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Bill McHenry Affordable Housing Coordinator (508) 634-6898