Town Clerk

Mission Statement

The Mendon Town Clerk's office is committed to being a reliable provider of information and quality services to the community and its residents, and to work cooperatively and in conjunction with all departments, boards and committees while complying with state and local statutes. We are dedicated to the preservation of the Town's vital records and historical documents for the benefit of future generations. We believe the right to vote is a fundamental civil right and we will assure that all elections are conducted in a fair and open manner providing equal access to all citizens.

Description of Services

  • The Town Clerk is the chief election official, registrar of vital records, Records Access Officer and keeper of the Town Seal.
  • The Town Clerk is responsible for all elections and voter registration, as well as overseeing the polling place and the conduct of all elections and election related activity.
  • The Town Clerk records all actions of town meeting and certifies all official actions of the Town including town meeting legislation and appropriations.
  • The Town Clerk conducts the annual census and prepares the annual street list of residents over the age of 17.
  • Records found in this office are: Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Licenses, Zoning Decisions, Town Meeting Records, Annual Town Reports, Election Records and lists of those who have served the Town of Mendon in elective or appointive office.
  • The Town Clerk maintains records of amendments to the Town By-Laws and Zoning By-Laws and references to accepted State Statutes.
  • The Town Clerk's Office issues state licenses and permits, including marriage licenses, business certificates (DBA's) and renewals, dog licenses, gas permits, junk permits, raffle/bazaar permits and requests for public records.
  • The Town Clerk's office maintains the postings subject to the Open Meeting law on the Town Website, oaths of office, appointments and resignations of all Town Officials.
  • The Town Clerk's office welcomes inquiries from all citizens seeking assistance or information in relation to services provided by the Town of Mendon. We will assist in redirecting your questions to the appropriate department.  We are often considered the doorway to local government and serve as the central information point for residents and visitors alike.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ellen Agro Town Clerk 508-473-1085
Peg Tetreault Assistant Town Clerk 508-473-8099