About Our Town

Mendon Info for New Residents:

Established as a town May 15, 1667

Located in Worcester County

Open Town Meeting form of government

Annual Town Meeting - 1st Friday in May

Annual Town Elections - Tuesday 11 days after the Annual Town Meeting 

Population of the town as of Jan. 1, 2015 was 6,059.


Special districts:


            House - 10th Worcester State Representative District

            Senate - Worcester-Norfolk State Senatorial District

            Governor's Council - 7th Councilor District


            House - 2nd Massachusetts Congressional District

            Senate - Click Here for current senators



     Mendon Upton Regional School District

     Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical School District


Electric Service

     National Grid  1-888-211-1111


Gas Service

     No Town Gas, only bottled gas is available.


Water Service

     The town has no public water supply except in the Rt. 140 area and Rt. 16 area near the Hopedale town line.  More Info: Mendon Water Commission

     Most residents obtain their water from private wells.  The town does not provide sewer service.     Each residence has its own septic system.


Trash Service

     Trash service is available to all residences in Mendon.  Bills are mailed semi-annually.  Please contact the Board of Health for more info.


Town Roads

     All roads in Mendon are not “accepted town roads”.  Roads that are not “accepted town roads” may not be plowed, sanded or repaired by the town.  “Accepted” means accepted by a vote of the town meeting.  Check with the Town Clerk’s office to determine if a particular road has been accepted.

     Roads in new subdivisions are not accepted town roads.  It is the responsibility of the developer to plow, sand and repair these roads.  Once the subdivision has been completed and the road finished to town specifications, the developer must submit the plans to the town and ask that the road be accepted by a vote of the town meeting.  Until all this has been done, the developer is responsible for the upkeep of the road.


Cable/Internet/Phone Service



Please note these are the only wired "high-speed" ISP's available in Mendon.  You may also be able to obtain TV/Phone/Internet services from any number of Internet or Satellite based serices. 

If you are using a VOIP (internet) based phone system, please ensure your address is properly registered so it is available to emergency services through the E911 system. 


Newspapers serving Mendon

The Milford Daily News

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Mendon-Upton Town Crier - published twice a month and sent free to all Mendon and Upton addresses.


Town Website

      The Town of Mendon’s website address is www.mendonma.govInformation on all town departments, programs, committee meetings and town meetings can be found on the Town’s website.

Click Here to subscribe to email alerts for various town departments: 

***For trash/recycling pickup and delay updates, sign up for Board of Health-Urgent Alerts.

Town Calendar for Meeting Postings


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Mendon History:

        The town of Mendon was originally settled in 1664 by fifteen families from Braintree and Weymouth.  It was an eight by eight mile tract of land, called Squinshepauge, purchased from the Nipmuc Indians and included what are now the towns of Bellingham, Upton, Uxbridge, Northbridge, Blackstone and Millville.  Mendon was incorporated in May 15th, 1667; our first meeting house was built in 1668 on what is now called Founder’s Park.   1675 marked the beginning of King Philip’s War and the abandonment of the town. Several settlers were killed and the remaining families fled back to the safety of Braintree and Weymouth, returning in 1676 after the death of King Philip.

        In the late 1700s the Blackstone Valley became the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in the United States.  Although the eighty-five acre Lake Nipmuc is located in the town, Mendon has no significant waterways, therefore, no source to turn the waterwheels necessary for powering textile mills.  It was at this time that the surrounding towns broke off from “Mother Mendon” taking their tax dollars with them and diminishing Mendon’s significant wealth.  Instead, Mendon remained primarily an agricultural and cottage industry community. There were boot and shoe shops, a shoddy mill and other small businesses, some buildings of which remain today.  The construction of the Blackstone Canal allowed Mendon’s farmers to sell their produce to towns along the Blackstone River providing an increased market and revenue source.

        In the late 1860s a new appreciation for the scenic beauty of Lake Nipmuc developed.  The surrounding towns, although wealthier, were impacted by the pollution of their air and water.  “Nature’s Beauty Spot”, as it was known, became a popular summer vacation destination for wealthy people from out of town.  In 1882, the park became the site of commercial entertainment.  Nipmuc Hall was dedicated and canoe, sailboat and steamboat rides were available on the lake.  Over the years, the hall booked well- known entertainers such as Stan Laurel, of Laurel and Hardy fame, and Fred Allen.  It now exists as a function hall.  Lake Nipmuc is still a popular recreation spot and Southwick’s Zoo, established in 1963, brings over two hundred thousand visitors to the town each year.

        Incorporated in 1667, Mendon is the 2nd oldest town in Worcester County, the 50th oldest in Massachusetts, the 86th oldest settlement in the United States, and the 173rd oldest settlement in North America.

Please CLICK HERE for historical information, documents and more