Town Accountant


The functions of the Accountant's Office include maintaining Finance Records, preparing Financial Reports, Custodian of Muncipal Contracts and Monitoring Spending.

Under Chapter 41, Section 55 of the Massachusetts General Laws, any town may authorize the Board of Selectmen to appoint a Town Accountant who shall perform the duties and possess the powers of town auditors as defined in Sections 50 to 53 inclusive.

The Town Accountant:

  • Serves as the town's accounting officer in developing, implementing and supervising procedures for the control and accountability of the town's assets.
  • Assists town officials in the preparation of budgets and the setting of the tax rate.
  • Reviews proprosed expenditures to make sure that money has been lawfully appropriated to pay for them.  Prepares all warrants for payment.
  • Ensures the integrity of the financial data by instituting proper internal controls; ensures that no claim or payable against the town is fraudulent, unlawful, or excessive, as prescribed by Massachusetts General Laws.
  • Prepares year-end financial statements as required by the Department of Revenue for the certification of Free Cash.
  • Responds to inquiries from staff and public providing appropriate, professional, courteous information, research or referral.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Eric A. Kinsherf Town Accountant, CPA (508) 833-8508