Historic District Commission

Link to paper application form (.pdf)

At the Annual Town Meeting on May 5th, 2017, the Town voted to adopt a Historic District Bylaw.  The Historic District Commission was also created to administrate the new Historic District.  

        The purpose of this bylaw is to help property owners and the Town of Mendon in the preservation and protection of the distinctive characteristics and architecture of buildings and places significant in the history of the Town of Mendon, to encourage and support new and innovative building designs and techniques compatible with the existing architecture, and the promotion of those purposes as set forth in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40C. 

This page also features the minutes and agendas from the Local Historic District Study Committee.

The complete text of this bylaw can be seen by following the link at the top, left of this page. 


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Board Members

Name Title
Mark Bucchino (Chair) Mendon Center District Property Owner Representative (Term Expires 6/30/20)
Deborah Flanagan Vice Chair Realtor Representative - Term expires June 30, 2021
Jane Lowell Taft Homestead District Owner Representative (Term Expires 6/30/22)
Janice Muldoon-Moors Member-At-Large (Term Expires 6/30/22)
Ruth O'Grady Historical Society Representative (Term Expires June 30, 2022)
JP Parnas Architect Representative (Term Expires 6/30/20)
Dan Byer Member-At-Large ( June 2021)
ALTERNATE 1 (VACANT) Alternate Member 1
ALTERNATE 2 (VACANT) Alternate Member 2
ALTERNATE 3 (VACANT) Alternate Member 3
ALTERNATE 4 (VACANT) Alternate Member 4