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What is a Master Plan?

A Master Plan guides a community's growth and development according to the community's economic, environmental, and social objectives. It provides the basis for guidance, coordination and accountability to future decision makers regarding the long term land use and development of the community. A Master Plan should look at least 20 years into the future, and should be revisited at least every five years. 

What is the role of the Master Plan Committee?

The Planning Board established the Master Plan Committee to work with other Town staff, boards, commissions, consultants, regional agencies, and the citizens of Mendon, to formulate and draft Mendon's First Master Plan. The MPC will ensure that it involves citizens in shaping the vision, goals, and strategies in the Master Plan

A Master Plan will help us to actively shape Mendon’s future by managing our growth and articulating our long term challenges and opportunities. It will guide decisions and remind our local leaders of our priorities. It will be realistic, it will be optimistic and, by setting achievable goals, it will be implemented.

The Master Plan Committee will work hard to gather input and formulate this document. The areas covered will be Land Use, Housing, Open Space, Economic Development, Recreation, Transportation, and Natural and Cultural Resources. The process will involve the dissemination of materials, interviews, focus groups, and public meetings. It will also involve town departments, boards, committees, the business community and other stakeholders. Critical to the success of any Master Plan is the degree to which our residents get involved. Please consider participating in this process that will serve you, your family, your community, and generations to come.


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