Capital Planning Committee


Capital Planning Committee consisting of five members appointed by the Board of Selectmen for three-year overlapping terms such that the term of office of at least one member but no more than two expire each year.


The goal of the Capital Planning Program is to provide a means of planning for the maintenance and/or improvement of the capital assets and infrastructure of the Town of Mendon

It is maintained by this committee that the maintenance of the infrastructure and the capital assets of the Town is of vital importance to the delivery of the quality services that the Town has been known for.  To this end, the committee is dedicated to accomplishing the following objectives:

  • to review, plan, and coordinate capital improvements so as to promote a systematic, organized replacement and acquisition schedule
  • to insure that, given limited resources, the capital needs of the community are met
  • to present a sound financial package so as to stabilize and level out the debt of the Town.  It should assure timely planning for the most economical method of financing capital improvements
  • to insure wider community participation in the planning of projects and to reduce the pressure to fund a project which may not present as great a need as another project.

Committee Members

Name Title
Matthew O’Brien Member (6/30/2022)
Jay Byer Chair (6/30/2022)
Norman Round Member (6/30/2020)
Vacancy 1 (expires 6/30/2021)