Highway Department


It is the mission of the Highway Department to enhance Mendon's quality of life, and through sound management, innovation, teamwork and vision, provide dependable, high quality, responsive public works and utility services, consistent with community values and at reasonable costs to Mendon's citizens, businesses, institutions and visitors.


Winter Policies

Mailbox Replacement - The Town does not have insurance or a policy to replace mailboxes that are damaged during normal snow removal operations.

Pushing Snow on the Road -  Mendon Bylaws Chapter 9, Section 5, prohibits pushing or piling snow in the roadway.  Please see highlighted link for complete text and fine schedule.

Standard Operating Procedures for Snow Storms & Snow Removal

Please Note:

  • Any residents with portable basketball hoops, please make sure they are moved off the street.
  • Also, please keep your trash bins in your driveway opening - not in the street.
  • We need to keep the roadways clear - obstacles such as these impede on our drivers and trucks during the plowing season.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.



Proposed road projects for 2021 include:

Numerous streets in Town are due to be crack sealed.

All catch basins are to be cleaned.

Catch basin repairs @ various locations throughout the summer.

Traffic line painting @ various locations throughout the summer.

Blackstone Street - Wesley Drive to Pole 38 & Pole 66 to Town Line - shim and overlay.

Daniels Road - shim and overlay.

Taft Avenue - improve drainage.


FALL 2021

The Highway Department will trim any trees that overhang the road or impede the ease of passage of snow removal equipment.  There must be a minimum of 12' of clearance on all road sides.

The Highway Department does not have a curbside leaf pickup service, but we do have a compost pile at the Highway Department facility where you can dump un-bagged leaves and grass clippings.

Please Note:

  • The raking of leaves to the roads edge is strictly prohibited.


Roadside Trash

The Highway Department has heavy-duty trash bags that will be distributed for free to any resident who can lend some time in picking up roadside trash.  When you have finished picking up any trash that you can find, please call the Highway Department for us to pick them up.  The bags can simply be left on the side of the road, and we will dispose of the trash properly. The trash bags are brightly colored and can easily be distinguished from household trash.  The Highway Department telephone number is 508-473-0737.


Stormwater Illicit Discharges

Any observations of illicit connections or non-stormwater discharges to the storm drain system should be reported to the Highway Surveyor at 508-473-0737.



MassDOT Road Safety Audit,  March 16, 2016:

Cape Road / S. Main Street (Route 140) @ Hartford Avenue East

MassDOT Road Safety Audit, September 11, 2018

Route 16 @ Washington Street / Emerson Street / Maple Street & Route 16 @ North Avenue / Main Street

Town of Mendon Pavement Management Study


Staff Contacts

Name Title
Alan D. Tetreault Highway Surveyor / Tree Warden
Darlene Cormier Administrative Assistant
Paul Marvelle HEO / Mechanic
Peter Chauvin Heavy Equipment Operator
Mike Cournoyer Foreman / Heavy Equipment Operator
Jonathan Dudley Heavy Equipment Operator
Scott Estey Heavy Equipment Operator