Pantry Information

The Mendon Food Pantry is currently accepting orders for individuals and families in need of food assistance.  Please call the Mendon Senior Center at 508-478-6175 to obtain an order form to complete.  The pantry is well stocked and we have a vast assortment of shelf stable items.  Once an order is filled clients will be contacted to pick it up..

Deliveries are made for qualifying seniors or disabled persons who do not have transportation or are physically unable to come to the pantry.The Mendon Food Pantry is available to assist Mendon residents in need who receive fuel assistance, SNAP (food stamps), unemployed and/or aid to dependeype crackers

nt children or to those who are disabled and/or unemployed. Referrals from area churches, social agencies, or concerned citizens regarding seniors and families in need will also be accepted. Client names shall be kept confidential.  Please call 508-478-6175 for assistance.


Donations of non-perishable food products are accepted. Please check Expiration dates. The condition of packages will be checked for suitability. Items that have expired dates, dented or damaged cans or open packages will be discarded. Food donations may be dropped off during center hours, preferably 9am-3pm Monday-Friday or may be dropped off at the Mendon Post Office during business hours or after hours/weekends at the Senior Center drop box located in the gazebo..

Monetary donations (preferably checks) are accepted made payable to the The Town of Mendon with Food Pantry written in the memo line.  Gift Cards to BJ's also help us to replenish pantry stock.  Any donations may be mailed to the Senior Center address. Monetary donations are also used to purchase gift certificates for eligible recipients to local supermarkets. Please notify the center should you need a receipt for your donation.

Below is a list of some of the items we currently lacking to help our neighbors in need:

Food Pantry Needs:  (In order of need)   Updated 4/2/24


Chunky Peanut Butter

Baking Products - Sugar

Complete Pancake Mix & Syrup

Canned Beets and Cream Corn

Salad Dressing & BBQ Sauce

Saltines and/or Ritz type crackers

Shelf Stable Milk

Brown rice

Broth - Chicken, Beef and Vegetable Broth

Canned Fruit - Peaches, Pineapple and Mandarin Oranges. 

Sweet & Salty Snacks - crackers, peanut butter crackers, potato chips, popcorn, granola bars, cookies etc. for lunch boxes 

Condiments- especially Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard & relish

Clam & Potato Chowder - (we have plenty of other soups especially chicken noodle)

Laundry soap, Dryer Sheets  (including He and Free and Clear)

Juice Boxes and Drink Mixes (lemonade, iced Tea mix)

Pasta - Bow Tie, LInguini and Rigatoni   (we have plenty of all others.)

Diet Soda, regular soda

At this time we have plenty of the following items:

Pasta and canned vegetables.  We do need BEETS. :)  

Thank you for your generosity!

The Mendon Council on Aging, Senior Center Staff & Volunteers

 Mia, age 6, received food pantry donations as gifts at her recent birthday party. With the help of her mom and sister, the trio stocked the gifts onto the shelves of the Mendon Food Pantry.

Boy Scout troops in Mendon worked to fill the shelves of our Food Pantry. Thanks to the troops!

The Clough School Kindergarten children made up two baskets of food for the Mendon Food Pantry to distribute to families in need for Thanksgiving.