Recycling Center Information


Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the following policy changes are now in place:


* No loitering.

* Only (1) vehicle will be permitted in at a time.

* All residents should remain in their vehicles until it is their turn to enter.

* We no longer accept cash.  Payment is to be made by check only.  Please make check

   payable to the Town of Mendon.

* Recycling permits and trash stickers are available for purchase from the Recycling Center

   Attendant.  Purchases can no longer be made at the Highway Department office.

Residents of the Town of Mendon may use the Town's Recycling Center located at the Highway Department, 66 Providence Street, provided that a Recycling Center permit is purchased and affixed to the vehicle dropping off any material.  Permits may be purchased at the Recycling Center.  The fee is $10.00 per permit and is good for the calendar year printed on the sticker.  Hours of operation are Saturdays, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm.
Items accepted are:  Metal materials and white goods, computer towers, laptops, tires, propane tanks, small household batteries, button batteries, car batteries, mercury thermostats, mercury thermometers and flourescent lights.  See fee schedule below for certain items.  
Items NOT accepted are:  Household garbage, furniture, any form of plastic, wood debris, rocks, cement, bricks, construction debris, commerical waste, motor oil and oil based paint.
Acceptable yard waste:  Lawn clippings, leaves, brush, pine needles and small tree debris.
Non acceptable yard waste:  No wooden fencing of any kind.
Televisions - more than 36"  $      30.00
Televisions - less than 36"  $      20.00
Refrigerators  $      20.00
Air Conditioners  $      20.00
Dehumidifiers  $      20.00
Computer Monitors  $      15.00
Loader Tires  $      50.00
Backhoe/Equipment Tires  $      30.00
Truck Tires  $      17.00
Car Tires  $        3.00