Water Rates and Fees

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Last Update 5/3/18

General Water Rates
Current Water Rate $9.00 per 100 cu. ft.
Capital Impact Fee $48.32 per quarter
Late Fee (past due date printed on bill) $25 plus 14% interest
Administrative Fee (Payments 15 days past due) $50
NOTE: Accounts more than 90 days past due are subject to shut-off
Additional Fees
Insufficient Check  $25 per MGL Ch.60 §57A
Turn on/off fee $50
Final Meter Reads $50
Water testing required by DEP for private construction or requested by cutomers. Costs of Tests, Labor, and Travel will be billed to the property owner
Instalation and testing of backflow prevention devices Cost +20%
Fire sprinkler systems $50 per quarter

Service fees for new residential construction

**Note, the number of available connections is capped by contract.  Please contact the Commission for more info.

2 Bedroom - $1,500

3 Bedroom - $2,100

4+ Bedroom - $2,800

Any additional charges as deemed required by the
Board of Water Commissioners.

These fees shall be reviewed and updated as needed.