Police Station Building Committee

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Public Notice: Town of Mendon, Massachusetts
Request for Services - Owner’s Project Manager - Renovation of the Old Fire Station to the New Mendon Police Station (RFS) and August 17th Addendum (Questions and Answers)

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         At their meeting on May 2nd, 2016, the Board of Selectmen voted to create a Police Station Building Committee to consist of seven members.  At their meeting on July 12th, 2016, the Board of Selectmen voted to appoint seven residents to the Building Committee.  After the town approved funding for the new police station in May of 2017, the Board of Selectmen voted to expand the Committee to nine members, adding the Police Chief and a member of the Historical Commission.

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Committee Members

Name Title
Tim Aicardi Vice-Chair
Michael Ammendolia
Joseph Cronin Chairman
Chief David Kurczy
Donald Morin Secretary
Eric Peterson
Moritz Schmid
Linda Thompson Treasurer (Budget Tracking)
JP Parnas
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