Consumer Confidence Reports

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Mendon Water Commission

Annual Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) 

Public Water Supply (PWS) ID Number: 2179000
Hopedale PWS ID Number: 2138000


Consecutive System Interconnected on Cape Road at Town Line Between Hopedale and Mendon

The Mendon Water Commission has prepared this report to provide important information about the town’s public water system.  The Town of Mendon has purchased water from the Town of Hopedale since June 1, 2005.  If you have any questions regarding this report, please contact the Water Commission.  CCRs for both Mendon and Hopedale are available in both Town Halls or on this web page.  

2017 Mendon CCR333.48 KB
2017 Hopedale CCR330.45 KB
2016 Mendon CCR121.41 KB
2016 Hopedale CCR343.64 KB
2015 Mendon CCR6.47 MB
2014 Hopedale CCR5.05 MB
2014 Mendon CCR7.04 MB
2013 Hopedale CCR254.43 KB
2013-2012 Mendon CCR154.56 KB
2012 Mendon CCR68.67 KB
2011 Mendon CCR68.35 KB
2010 Mendon CCR66.55 KB
2009 Mendon CCR68.96 KB
2008 Mendon CCR60.32 KB
2007 Mendon CCR100.06 KB
2006 Mendon CCR100.28 KB
2005 Mendon CCR100.04 KB