Rules of Use for Town Forest Trails

Rules of Use for Town Forest Trails


Hunting is allowed in the Town Forest

VISITORS: Wear safety orange during hunting season!!


Hunting season generally runs from September through May

Visit the link below for more info on the State Hunting Regulations

MA Hunting Regulations


  1. No motorized vehicles except for official use. Prohibited vehicles include All Terrain and Off Road Vehicles, motorcycles and snow mobiles. Violators are subject to confiscation and fines in accordance with MGL Chapter 202, An Act Regulating the Use of Off-Highway and Recreational Vehicles
  2. Dogs must be leashed or kept in sight and under voice control at all times
  3. Trash dumping is prohibited-if you carry it in, you must carry it out.
  4. Cutting or removal of trees or vegetative damage is prohibited.
  5. Outdoor fires and overnight camping are prohibited.
  6. Do not feed the wildlife.

 Additional rules pertained to meeting horses on the trail:

  1. Never surprise a horse on the trail. This could frighten the horse and lead to an accident.
  2. If you are approaching a horse and rider travelling in the opposite direction, stop.
  3. If you are approaching a horse and rider from the rear direction, announce yourself. Stand and wait for instructions from the rider.



Violations shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars ($100.00).


As adopted by the Town Forest Committee on Jan 7th, 2014.