Town Government

Mendon has an open town meeting form of government.  Our government is comprised of a three member Board of Selectmen with an Open Town Meeting held the first Friday in May.

The town meeting is responsible for:

  • Appropriating money to run the town
  • Approving the transfer funds between accounts
  • Passing bylaws
  • Accepting new streets
  • Any additional town business requiring a Town Meeting Vote 

In an OPEN town Meeting form of government, every registered voter in Mendon may attend the town meeting and vote on the issues presented. Non-voters may attend with permission from the town meeting, but may not vote.

Town meeting warrants (notices which list the issues to be discussed and voted on) are posted on the front of the town hall.  The Annual Town Meeting is held the 1st Friday in May and the Annual Town Election is held on the Tuesday occuring eleven days after the first Friday.  The annual election warrant is posted at least 2 weeks before the meeting.  Special town meeting warrants are posted at least 2 weeks before the meeting date.

Much of the work of the town is done before the town meeting in board and committee meetings.  All meetings of town boards and committees are open to the public.  Anyone, voter or not, resident or not, may attend.  Meeting dates and times are posted on the bulletin board in the Town Hall at least 48 hours prior to the meeting time. 

All meetings are posted through the Town Clerk’s office, so you may also call (508) 473-1085 or check HERE for meeting dates, times and places.

Everyone is encouraged to attend town meetings, committee meetings, and board meetings; ask questions, become informed. 

If you think you may be interested in serving on an appointed committee, contact the Selectmen’s office.  You should be a registered voter in Mendon to serve on a committee.