Services Available in the Town Clerk's Office

Business Certificates

Business Certificates cost $40.00 and are good for (4) years.  Should the business address, name or the business is discontinued, you will need to notify the Town Clerk's office.  Your signature needs to be signed in the presence of a notary.  Notary services are available at the Town Hall.  Please call ahead to check on the availability of a notary.


Certified Copies

Certified copies of births, deaths and marriages on file in Mendon are obtained from the Town Clerk. Generally, birth records are available in the town where the birth took place and in the town where the parents lived at the time of the birth. Deaths that occur in Mendon and deaths of Mendon residents are recorded in Mendon. Call the Town Clerk to determine if a certain vital record is available in Mendon.

CLICK HERE to request a vital record and pay online

Dog Licensing

Dogs must be licensed each year. Dog licenses are valid from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. The cost is $10 ($6 for spayed/neutered dogs) A late fee of $6.00 will be added after close of business on April 30th.

Online Dog Licensing System - CLICK HERE to register a new dog or renew an existing license.  


The Annual Town Report and maps of Mendon are available in the Town Clerk’s office for no charge. Copies of town by-laws & zoning by-laws are available for $10.00; subdivision rules & regulations cost $10.00 and are also available in the town clerk’s office. Street lists are available for purchase in theTown Clerk's offfice.  Pdf versions can be emailed upon request, for no charge.

The minutes of all town meetings (Annual & Special Town Meetings, not board/committee meetings) are kept in the Town Clerk’s office.

PDF Versions:

General By-Laws

Zoning By-Laws

Justice of the PeaceThe Town Clerk provides Justice of the Peace services for marriages within MA.  Please call the Clerk's office for more information. 
Marriage CertificatesIf you are getting married in Massachusetts, you may obtain a marriage certificate in any town clerk’s office in Massachusetts. Marriage intentions must be filed at least 3 days before the wedding, but not more than 60 days before. There is a $25 fee which includes a certified copy of the marriage certificate. Call the Town Clerk for details.
Notary ServicesThe Town Clerk is a Notary Public and can notarize signatures. You must appear in person to have your signature notarized and bring a picture ID. Call ahead to be sure the Town Clerk will be in.
Parking Tickets & FinesNon-criminal fines imposed for violation of town by-laws are paid in the Town Clerk’s office. Parking fines are also payable in the Town Clerk’s office. Please make checks payable to "Town of Mendon"

Subdivision Plans

Subdivision plans are filed in the Town Clerk’s office and are available for viewing.
Zoning Board of Appeals

Application forms for variances, special permits and appeals of ZBA decisions are available in the Town Clerk’s office. Completed applications are submitted to the Town Clerk.

Please visit the Zoning Board of Appeals' web page for applications and more info.