Dog Licensing and Street Listings

January is the time of year when we mail out the Annual Street Listing (a.k.a. town census) and remind residents that they need to license their dogs. Our vendor will be mailing out the street list forms sometime during the week of January 9, 2022. Please take the time to review the information and make changes as necessary. Once complete, sign the form and return it to our office as soon as possible. Forms can be returned via email ( ), via regular mail, in person, or dropped in our drop box outside the lower level door. Please don't wait to fill them out. These forms have a habit of hiding in the mail pile

Dog registration forms will be included in the street listing mailing. Please utilize the checklist to make sure we have everything necessary to process the licenses. If you aren't sure, just call, we are happy to help. The easiest way to register your dogs is online. Use this link to pay and we will mail the tags to you.

Otherwise, you can come in person, or you can mail the forms with the appropriate fee with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and we will mail your tags back.

Are you 70 years old or older? Your dog fees are waived! However, you still have to register them and provide up to date rabies information.

Remember, answering the annual street listing AND registering your dogs is Massachusetts law. Thank you for doing so at your earliest convenience.