Mendon Parks Receives $50,000 Grant for Tennis Courts!!


2014 PARC Grant Award to Mendon Parks Department

            The Mendon Parks Department and Town of Mendon are thrilled to announce the receipt of a $50,000 grant from the Massachusetts Parkland Acquisition and Renovations for Communities (PARC) Program to renovate the Tennis Courts at Memorial Park.   

            The entire project will cost $88,350 and the remaining $38,350 will come from Mendon Community Preservation Act funds.  We are currently in the process of writing an RFP for the project.  We are also awaiting final details of the grant timeline but we hope to have the work completed as soon as possible, ideally by Summer of 2015. 

           There is an article on the  November 5th Special Town meeting (Article 23) for this project.  Although the courts were already approved at the 6/25/14 Special Town Meeting, we need to re-vote the project to clear up a mistake in the language as requested by the state.  This article must pass in order for the town to be eligible for this grant award.

The project will include:

  • Repairing all the cracks on the court and putting down a new surface that will bridge any future cracks 
  • Painting and lining the new courts and replacing the nets and posts
  • Installing a new “Hit Return” backboard
  • Replacing the fence, surrounding the courts and insuring the new gate is ADA compliant

      The original tennis courts were completed in 1987 and are badly in need of repair.  This grant will give us the opportunity to upgrade one of the remaining original pieces of Memorial Park.   

      The Parks Department has always been focused on upgrading and improving its facilities.  Recently we have been able to utilize Mendon’s Community Preservation Act funding to complete key projects including:

  • Surveillance Camera System - $20,000
  • New Playground  - $137,500
  • Basketball Court repairs and new hoops - $23,775
  • ADA Compliance Upgrades: (Accessible bathroom at Town Beach and handicapped parking spaces at the Beach, Memorial Field, and Grover Field.  - $40,000
  • ADA Compliance Upgrades: (Accessible walkways at Memorial Park between the parking lots, bathrooms, and playground) - $10,000

All of these projects were made possible by Mendon Community Preservation Act funding.



PARC Grant Background Info:


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