Memorial Park Basketball Court Dedication

           On June 26th, 2016 the Mendon Parks Department dedicated the Memorial Park Basketball Court to honor Allan Byrne Sr.  The court was officially named the "Byrne Family Basketball Court" in honor of Allan Byrne's contributions to the Town Beach, basketball programs, and general recreation in Mendon.  

           Allan Byrne Sr. served as the first beach director of the Mendon Town Beach when it opened in 1965.  He served in this position for several years and created many programs that are still in existence today.  He established a swimming lesson program, arts and crafts, and many sports and recreational activities for the children of Mendon.  His enthusiasm in creating a very popular recreation area was instrumental in generating public support for the purchases of the Memorial Park and Nipmuc Woods properties (sites of the current Memorial Park and Playground) 


History of the Town Beach and the first Director, Allan Byrne Sr.


Nipmuc wins the Clark Tournament in 1964 coached by Allan Byrne Sr.





WHEREAS, Allan J. Byrne Sr. served as the first Beach Director for the Mendon Town Beach in 1966.  In this position he established many recreational programs including swimming lessons, arts and crafts, and sports that still continue to this day.  His experience and skill brought new life to the shores of Lake Nipmuc, built up public support for recreation in Mendon, and paved the way for the future expansion of Mendon’s recreational facilities with purchases of the Memorial Park and Nipmuc Woods properties in 1971. 


NOW, THEREFORE, WE the Board of Parks Commissioners

of the Town of Mendon, Massachusetts, do hereby declare

the Basketball Court located at Memorial Park shall henceforth be known as the

Byrne Family Basketball Court from this date onwards, June 26th, 2016.



Daniel Byer                   Thomas Belland                     AJ Byrne