Lake Nipmuc

Please be aware of the state law & local regulations that govern Lake Nipmuc.

CLICK HERE for the Mendon Town Beach


Local Regulations can be found under Chapter XII Lakes and Streams of the Mendon General Bylaws by clicking here.


Use of Lakes and Streams

Section 1. The operator of a sailboat shall have the right of way over all other boats.

Section 2. The operator of a boat pulling water skiers shall have the right of way over all boats except sailboats.

Section 3. No person shall swim over one hundred (100) feet from shore unless accompanied by a boat.

Section 4. No operator of any power-driven boat and no water skier shall come within fifty (50) feet of any person swimming or from any raft.

Section 5. No boat shall come within fifty (50) feet of shore at a speed in excess of five (5) miles an hour.

Section 6. Boat speed shall be reasonable and proper at all times.

Section 7. No vehicles in excess of one thousand (1,000) pounds shall be allowed on the ice on Lake 


The Mass Boating Law can be read by clicking here.


Residents observing violations are encouraged to contact the local police (508-473-2727) or the state environmental police (508-753-0603).


Adjacent to the Mendon Town Beach (45 Taft Ave) is a small access path for non-motorized crafts (kayaks, canoes, etc) completed by Eagle Scout David Fleury on 7/21/11.  All boats must be carried down to the water as the ramp is not wide enough for trailers.  

There is no public access or boat ramp on the lake for any motorized watercraft requiring a trailer.