Property Inquiries

          Assessors conduct their assessing fieldwork commencing in the Spring of each year and concluding July 1st of each year. If a property in town has experienced a change (i.e.: new construction, addition, alteration, demolition, etc.) within the year, the Assessors or their representative will personally visit that location sometime between May and July of the following year to collect the necessary assessment data.

          The Assessors also perform field visitations when occupancy permits are applied for.

         The Board of Assessors encourages and welcomes inquiries from taxpayers. It is always advisable for taxpayers to review the property records we keep in the office for accuracy and assurance that you are being assessed in a fair and equitable manner.

If you have any concerns or inquires, please contact Principal Assessor Jean Berthold by phone at (508) 473-2738, via email at or visit our office in the Town Hall. Evening appointments are available upon request.


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